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Message From Our Academic Director

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Wits School of Governance’s Academic Programmes page. My name is Kambidima Wotela, the Academic Director and an Associate Professor in public policy and governance.

If you are interested in governance and all related fields, you are at the right place. Our postgraduate School offers, Postgraduate Diplomas, Master of Management and PhD programmes as well as Executive education short courses. We play a huge role in the governance space, and we work with public sector, corporate and non-governmental organisations on delivering quality education and events and foster partnerships.

Our School, since its inception in 1993, been at the forefront of an international movement to transform the public and development sector. Today we are among, if not, the largest producer of postgraduates in the public and development sector in Southern Africa.

Our academics are tough but fair and care deeply about our students. They bring a wealth of experience and academic knowledge to the table. You are in good hands!

We produce internationally competitive and locally relevant scholarship on governance and related fields. I am inviting you to consider joining the WSG by applying for one of our programmes that could deepen your knowledge, experience, and adequately prepare you for the public sector.

You will leave our School feeling a bit tired but empowered and proud. You will get to know yourself better because our scholarship is a life-altering experience. As a student, you will gain and create new knowledge, but you will also need to develop soft skills to work in groups and to management time and yourself.

WSG Academic Director

Professor (Associate) Kambidima Wotela