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NEW EXECUTIVE COURSE: Leadership Development for Corporate Affairs and Government Relations

Corporate Affairs and Government Relations should be placed at the heart of the business
in Africa.

The course aims to equip senior executive leadership and management with the thinking and leadership skills required to be effective in the wider and complex area of corporate affairs.

Programme Information

Applications Open
01 April 2024
Applications Close
19 April 2024
Academic Category
Short Course
R50 000.00
Course outcomes

On completing all course requirements, participants should be able to:


  • Evaluate the impact of current global, economic, social and environmental pressures in which modern-day corporate affairs executives must operate;
  • Assess the importance of navigating complexity and system-thinking;
  • Interrogate the role that governance plays within organisations to ensure coherent, effective, and accountable decision-making;
  • Implement different modalities for engaging with key societal stakeholders to build durable, trust-based and legitimate partnerships;
  • Reflect on the values, thinking and ethical principles that need to be developed to be effective relationally, internally and externally and 
  • Recommend how to align sub disciplines of corporate affairs with core organisational strategy and practice to enable the organisation to be a good corporate citizen.

Status of certificate

  • As per the Council for Higher Education (CHE), a short course that does not carry credit towards a qualification on the HEQSF cannot be assigned and allocated NQF levels & credits.

  • Short courses are short learning programmes offered by higher education institutions outside their formal structured undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and they, therefore, do not lead to qualifications on the Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework (HEQSF). They serve a range of social and educational purposes, including improving or refreshing participants’ knowledge and skills in a particular field, improving participants’ readiness for specific formal higher education programmes, continuing professional development, learning to use technology, personal fulfilment, social development and good citizenship, to mention a few. (

  • You will receive a Certificate of Competence on successful completion of this course.

Course content

Module 1: Government Relations, Public Policy, and Regulatory affairs
Module 2: Public Diplomacy and Stakeholder Engagement
Module 3: Ethics
Module 4: Corporate Governance Landscape and Changing Role of Corporate Affairs
Module 5: Context: Global and Regional System Pressures and Trends
Module 6: Implications for business strategy and purpose

Admission requirements
  • NQF 7 or Equivalent
  • 3 years working experience
Course duration and date

This course runs over a period of 6 months in total - block release (3 days) once a month. Assessments will be done in the last month.

Start date: 6 May 2024

Disclaimer: Cancellation of programmes by WSG

WSG is entitled to cancel or change the date of delivery of a programme without notice and for any reason without incurring any liability to individuals who have applied or are enrolled on the programme or any funders of such individuals (“participants” or “funders of participants”).

Without derogating from the aforesaid, and insofar as it possible, WSG will provide the participants or funders of the participants with 30 (thirty days) days written notice of any cancellation or changes in the dates of delivery of the programme.

Insofar as the programme is cancelled or rescheduled prior to delivery of the programme then in that event the participants and funders of the participants will not be charged the full programme fees.